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Open class


30/10/2010: Wijchen: jongehondendag 30/10

Lovely report for the F-litter!!!


17/04/2010: Dogshow Goes

Qualification: Very Good (no placement on 6) (Mr. E. Wieldraaijer - NL)


19/07/2009: The Lokerse winner

Qualification:: Excellent (2nd out of 7 - RCAC) (Mrs. M. Vanherle-Stevens - BE)


13/09/2008: Deinze: 28th LCB Club Show

Qualification: Excellent (no placement on 16) (Mrs. R. Pleibel- D)


12/04/2008: Antwerp: Brabo Dog Show 2008

Qualification: Very Good (no placement on 11) (Mr. A. De Groote - BE)



Intermediate class


09/12/2007: 15th Molosser Show 's-Hertogenbosch

Qualification: Very Good (no placement on 14) (Mr. A. Hellener - DE)


17/11/2007: 44th Eurodogshow Kortrijk

Qualification: Excellent (2nd out of 6) (Mrs. L. De Ridder-Onghena - BE)


Youth class

Puppy class / Baby class