Bavaruki High Jinxs "Siska"

Faro van het Wallenhof


12/07/2012: happy 2nd birthday to all the Kisfa pups !!!

On the picture: Kiki 2 years old !!!



Update 15/12/2011: new pictures !!!

More pics of the pups and their new owners on


Kiki, mum Siska and Kizzy

kizzy 14 months Zeus 16 months

Monster (and little Bear)

Kiki 1 year

Monster 1 year Pandora & Aurora 1 year

Dennis 1 year

Siska & Kiki Kiki & Siska

Pandora Aurora

Phoebe Beau



12/07/2010: 9 females and 3 males are born !!!

All are doing very well:


More info on:



"Roman candles that burn in the night
Yeah you are a shining light
You lit a torch in the infinite
Yeah you are a shining light
Yeah you light up my life

We made a connection
A full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah you are a shining light"

Ash -"Shining Light"